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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the free iPhone controller app?
Search for “igloledset” on the App Store or click here. Make sure you download the “Spinner Edition” which is our newest control software.

How do I get the Android controller app?
Visit the Android Marketplace on your device. Search for “igloledset”

Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes. We will ship to any country. We offer flat rate worldwide shipping via FedEx. Current shipping cost is $20 inside the US, $40 outside the US. All orders can be placed at www.igloledset.com/buy

Where can I purchase iGloLEDset?
You can purchase directly from us at www.igloledset.com/buy or via Amazon

Are you interested in a video of my iGloLEDset installation?
Yes!!! Please!!! Send any pics or videos to: iglo@meamobile.com

How do I reset the controller?
Hold down the black button on the controller and unplug the power supply from the wall. Keep the button pressed down. Wait ten seconds. While keeping the button pressed down, plug the power supply back in. Wait ten seconds. Release the button.

What is your return policy?
We offer a refund for defective product if returned within 30 days. All items must be in the original packaging. Shipping fees are not refundable. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee.

Can I connect multiple strips?
Yes. You can daisy chain the strips together. With the power supply that shipped you can connect two sets for a total strip length of 10 meters, (32 feet.) You can also add in additional power in between strips to extend your system beyond 2 strips.  We offer special power cables and additional power supplies to do this.  Contact us for details.  You can also use multiple kits in the same installation that will work together.

Are they weather resistant? Can they be used outside?
The LED lights are housed in a UV Resistant Transparent Silicone casing which is considered splash resistant. The connectors and controller and are not weather resistant. For safety reasons we advise the iGloLEDset should not be used outdoors.

Do you have a Windows Mobile or Browser based version?
We are currently working on it.

How is it powered?
The current power supply outputs 5 volts 3.0 amps, 15 watts max.

Can I run it off my car?
We offer a car kit which ships with a power inverter. If you can get a third party 12v power supply which outputs 5 volts 3.0 amps, 15 watts max; it should work.

Do you provide customized solutions?
Yes. We offer customized software solutions for large projects.

Can I control more than one strip with a single device?
Yes. You can control multiple units with one device (iPad, iPhone, iTouch). Theoretically up to 255 devices per network. The app will let you switch between the controllers. You can also link strips of lights together on one controller.

Can I run multiple strips at once?
Yes. Each controller has a separate IP so you can have multiple units on your network. You can use the iPhone app to switch between the units.

Do you have a solution for multiple rooms?
For multi-room, you would need a kit for each room. You can set it up so that all the kits are on one wireless network. You can use one iPhone to control the individual sets in each room. The app will let you switch between the controllers.

Is it possible to integrate iGloLEDset into a DMX lighting system?
We’re working on it.

How many strips can be chained together?
We’ve strung two on one power supply and it works great.    The iGloLEDset controller can control a strip of up to 65,535 LEDs which is 546 segments of 120 lights per segment. That would be 2,730 meters; almost 9,000 feet. Linking more than two strips would require a different power supply or require you to splice in power in between strips. If you’re interested please contact our custom solutions team.

Will it work with EU power? Will it work with 220 outlets?
Yes. The iGloLEDset ships with a universal power supply which has a C14 male connector accepting standard IEC cords. We have many international power cords in stock including cords for: United Kingon, Europe, Switzerland, India, Australia, Italy, Taiwan, Israel, & China. We will ship your iGloLEDset with its regional power cord when available for no extra charge.

What’s in the box?
One iGloLED Strip: 120 lights (16.4ft / 5 meters)
One iGloLED WiFi Controller Unit
(Dimensions Approximately 3.5” x 3” x 1” [9cm x 8cm x 2.5cm] )
One Universal Power Supply
One Regional Power Cord (when available)

Are each of the 120 LED’s individually addressable?
The current firmware can address eight individual segments. Each segment can have it’s own sequenced pattern or color combinations. You can set the length of each segment.

How many segments does it have?
The current firmware can address eight individual segments. Each segment can have it’s own sequenced pattern or color combinations. You can set the length of each segment.

If I add on additional strips, would they act independently?
They would be chained together and the controller will see them as one large strip, but you can segment the total strip length into eight individual sections if needed. Then each section can be programmed independently.

Can I get a shorter light string? Can I cut the 5m string down?
If you are not an experienced technician, do not play with electricity. If you are an experienced technician or electrician, the light strip can be cut relatively easily. There are indicator marks on the strip itself where this can be done between each LED segment.

Can I connect the iGloLEDset to a hub?
Yes. Note: If you’re not experienced with Wi-Fi networking, please consider asking someone with experience before attempting to connect the iGloLEDset to a hub. If you’re in factory mode, the Wi-Fi Lights Controller IP address should be: The settings screen will allow you to connect the iGloLEDset to your open or secure network. To access the settings screen open up Safari on the iPhone when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi controller and point to this URL – http://169.2541.1/ Click Here for additional instructions.

Can I connect the iGloLEDset to an Apple Airport Express?
Yes, However you must set the AirPort Express to use fixed channel 1,6 or 11 rather than ‘automatic’ setting.

What security protocols does the iGloLEDset support?
WPA Passphrase, WPA Calculated, WEP 64, WEP-128

WPA, WPA2 is supported by the WPA Passphrase option. When you use this option, the controller will take about 30 seconds to make its initial connection while it calculates the actual key to use. This value is then stored in the unit for subsequent connections.

Do you sell the light strip separately?
Yes. You can order additional light strips on our website. Wholesale or OEM orders contact: orders@meamobile.com

Do you sell the controller separately?
Yes. Wholesale or OEM orders contact: orders@meamobile.com

Do you offer an API for the controller?
Yes. Wholesale or OEM orders contact: orders@meamobile.com

Are you looking for distribution partners?
If you are an established retailer please contact: Bruce Seymour

What if I have a large project?
If you have a large project you would like to talk to us about it please contact: Bruce Seymour

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